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Kimberly Wendelin

Painting, Drawing, and Fiber Arts

Skills Include


Sewing with knits

Double Knitting

Fiber Spinning


Colored Pencil

Boned Garments

About Kimberly Wendelin

I have drawn and painted since childhood, where I analyzed the natural world by recreating it on paper.  I continued this exploration of the world through my pencils and brushes into high school and college, where I received a BA in Studio Arts.

My fiber arts education began with needle and thread at the age of three, sewing small pillows.  I was sewing my own clothes throughout middle and high school, and have sewn everything from swimwear to fully-boned formal wear.

Though I first learned to knit when I was seven, I recently re-taught myself the skill and have quickly expanded my skills in this area to expert-level advanced knitting. 

Most recently, I have added Wheel and Hand Spinning yarn to my repertoire of skills.  I look forward to seeing the creative avenues this new skill will provide.

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